Mahen Kumar Seeruttun In Interview

Mauritius’ agriculture has diversified from a mono-crop industry based on sugar into one that benefits the economy in various ways. Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister Agro-Industry and Food Security, shares his views on the country’s growing agriculture sector.

Joël Rault In Interview

Mauritius is not only seen as the future global investment hub, it is seen as the springboard into Africa. Joël Rault, Ambassador of Mauritius, talks about the country’s African Strategy and why he believes investors should come to Mauritius.

University of Technology In Interview

Well-recognised international universities are opening campuses in Mauritius. Dr Sharmila Seetulsingh-Goorah, Director General, University of Technology, shares her view on the impact this has on the island’s educational system and Mauritius as a regional higher education hub.

Sunibel Corporate Services In Interview

An increasing amount of investors are looking at Mauritius as an investment opportunity and using the island as a platform to invest in Africa. Nitin Collappen, Managing Director and Nikhel Chung Sam Wan, Team Leader & MLRO, shares why they believe Mauritius’ niche market for doing business attracts investors.

Ravin Dajee In Interview

Mauritius has a strengthening economy and financial services sector leading the world’s view of Mauritius as the next global investment hub. Ravin Dajee, CEO of Barclays Bank, talk shares his view on why the island is a world-class regional financial centre for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Ramesh Basant Roi In Interview

With the international community looking at Mauritius as a platform for global investments and the springboard into Africa, Mr Ramesh Basant Roi, Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, discusses its strong and selective banking sector and what the island can do to strengthen its economy and stay competitive in the global market.

Sridhar Nagarajan In Interview

Mauritius’ financial services sector is becoming the island’s leader in the world view that Mauritius is the next world investment hub. Sridhar Nagarajan, CEO of MauBank, shares his views on the financial services sector’s role in this.

Craig McKenzie In Interview

As investors look towards Mauritius as the next global investment hub, Craig McKenzie, CEO of Investec Bank (Mauritius) Ltd, shares his views on the island as the hub for African investment.

Christian Li Kwet Liit In Interview

The island of Mauritius is one of few considered as the springboard for investment into Africa. Christian Li Kwet Liit, Managing Director & Group CEO of CKLB Financial Services Group, talks about why he believes the island is the perfect location for this.

Dr David Poyton In Interview

A key aspect to raising a country’s investment profile is its education, and Mauritius – with its connection to British universities – has a strong case for this. Dr David Poyton. Dean of Aberystwyth University, Mauritius Branch Campus, talks about why Aberystwyth chose Mauritius and how this influences the island to become an educational hub for Eastern and Southern Africa?

Harry Sutherland In Interview

Harry Sutherland In Interview

“In a world of increasing competition, it is not easy to stand out from the crowd, but in this business it is ultimately about relationship, trust, cost effectiveness and efficiency. Some of our basic fundamentals are rather what we do not do: no time wasting, no nonsense and no ‘departments’. We supply independent thought and Directors of substance for the job, and we strive to actually add value to every client.”

Tej Kumar Gujadhur In Interview

Many see South Africa as the continent’s next financial services hub, but it has a strong competitor: the island of Mauritius. Tej Kumar Gujadhur, founder, CEO and Board Director of GFin Corporate Services Ltd shares his views on the opportunities and challenges the financial services sector in Mauritius faces and why the island is an international financial centre.

Phumzile Tshelane In Interview

Nuclear energy has been part of an ongoing discussion on how to move South Africa forward. Phumzile Tshelane, South African Nuclear Energy Corporation CEO, gives his opinion on renewable energy and the safety of nuclear power.

Nicky Newton-King In Interview

South Africa has a world class financial sector that leads other sectors in good and bad times. Nicky Newton-King, CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, talks about why the sector is such an asset to South Africa and the country’s loud democracy.

Sisa Ntshona In Interview

The tourism industry in South Africa is growing domestically and internationally, and solidifying a positive image of the country. Sisa Ntshona, CEO of SA Tourism, talks about the importance of South Africa’s tourism industry and South Africa’s role on the African continent.

Mike Brown In Interview

As the world looks at Africa as the next investment and innovation hub, South Africa’s financial services sector is at the forefront of growth on the continent. Nedbank CEO Mike Brown shares his views on the African market space and what he calls a “world class financial services hub”.

Sim Tshabalala In Interview

South Africa faced a number of financial challenges in 2016. Sim Tshbalala, CEO of Standard Bank South Africa, shares why he believes we can be positive about the country and the African continent.

Maria Ramos In Interview

South Africa’s financial services sector is considered as one of the best in the world. Maria Ramos, CEO of the Barclays Africa Group, shares her views on the role of the financial services sector in the country and what inspires confidence in investors.

Max Price In Interview

The landscape of South African universities is changing and education is being placed at the forefront with the rise if technology. Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, Max Price, shares his views on education integration and the role of universities in Africa.

Eric Vemer In Interview

With the international community focusing more on Africa as an investment destination, Eric Vemer, Group Five CEO, shares his views on why the continent is the next big investment destination.

Roger Baxter In Interview

Roger Baxter In Interview

African mining has faced up to a series of challenges over recent years. Chamber of Mines CEO Roger Baxter outlines his belief in a private sector driven turnaround for South Africa’s mining sector.