FDI Spotlight Training Programme

FDI Spotlight is recruiting for its 2018 Trainee Production Director programme.

We are looking for talented, highly confident salespeople with an international mindset to join the FDI Spotlight team.  A proven interest in international business, economics and politics is desirable.

FDI Spotlight is an international media production company, specialising in digital campaigns to boost national brand image, distributed through targeted campaigns with three of the largest international media titles.

Successful candidates will participate in a three to six-month in-field training programme to teach the full set of sales, public relations, administration, editorial, and production skills required to work as an in-field Production Director.

FDI Spotlight Production Directors are in charge of organising face to face meetings and interviews with government leaders, ministers and CEOs, selling advertising and branded content packages to the leading companies of their destination market and working with the FDI Spotlight production team to create high-quality editorial and branding content.

The ideal candidate must be willing to commit to three years of international travel for eleven months of the year, be highly independent and motivated to experience new cultures and business environments.  The job is not, therefore, suitable for candidates with family ties or in long-term relationships that limit their ability to travel.

All costs including travel and accommodation are paid by FDI Spotlight during the training processes in addition to a basic monthly salary.  Following training the Production Director earns a sliding scale of commission on sales revenue up to 10% and should, therefore, be targeting an annual personal income of 60,000 to 100,000 USD per year once at Director level.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a team with strong production values, travel to the most exciting emerging markets in Africa, The Middle East and Asia, and build a global network of government and business decision makers.

This is very much a lifestyle, not a job!  Therefore again it must be stressed candidates in relationships or with ties that would prevent them from complete commitment to their projects will not be considered.

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